Comparing the ads L-710/810 the ads L-1090/1290

I would appreciate any information that compares the sound character of the ads L-710/810 series from the late 1970s to the ads L-1090/1290 series from the mid 1980s.

I have heard that there are some subtle differences in the "sound stage" characteristics between these ads speaker designs.

There is a lot in common in the design between these ads designs. Both use:
> silk-dome tweeter
> silk dome mid-range
> (2) woofers with butyl rubber surrounds

However, there is a difference in cabinet design:
> The L-710/810 series is a bookshelf cabinet design that really need to use speakers stands
> The L-1090/1290 series is a floor standing cabinet design

And, there is a difference in the placement of the tweeter and the mid-range:
> The L-710/810 series use a horizontal placement of the tweeter and the mid-range
> The L-1090/1290 series use a horizontal placement of the tweeter and the mid-range

So what are the differences in the overall sound between these two ads speakers designs? Is one design generally preferred over the other?

Thanks for any insights.
I always had a preference to the smaller woofer L-710 and L-1290's. The bass seemed tighter on those models, though room size would probably be something to consider. Great speakers at affordable prices.
a/d/s has a neutral, balanced character throughout the line. as with AR, is more about frenquency range as you go to larger models. some of the larger models are actually easier to drive also.
I had both the L-710 and the L-810, my first intro to soft dome tweeters, wow!!! once you get hooked on the smoothness of a softdome, there is no going back.
I know it doesn't address your thread, but hey...