Comparing SACD sound to High Res

I live in an area of slow internet speeds - for this and other reasons high res downloads are probably a bit further into the future for me. I may also wait to see what Meridians MQA develops into. Meanwhile I am wondering how the sound quality of SACD (well recorded over a good SACD player) sounds relative to various high res downloads including 24/192 and DXD. Anybody compare them?
Sure. All the time and to DSD downloads as well. For me,
the real differential is the performance and audio
production because they vary so much more than do all the HD

You will/may get more comments but until you do try this for
yourself, comments (including mine) from others are
Email Barry Diament---he does pro recording in lots of sampling rates.
Both have their virtues. Just because you have SACD or Hi Res doesn't mean it's good. Personally I love both. I usually stick to SACD on my theater and Hi Res on the 2 channel tubes.
Buy both, SACD's take a few days to ship. Download a couple of HD's over those few days, then compare for yourself. Then, go buy some 180 gram vinyl and really stump yourself. They are all awesome. Just enjoy the music.
Thank you for the posts. So, I am understanding from input that SACD can hold its own with all the new high res download formats, making the performance and recording quality more of a factor in hearing stellar, engaging sound than what high res format it is in, correct?
You got it Gammajo!
Not quite. Not all sacd's are recorded/mastered/remastered at optimal quality. This also applies to cd's and hi-res files, whether pcm or dsd. The final sound quality of any format depends on the quality of the whole production process. So, well-produced cd's can trump poorly produced sacd's/hi-res pcm or dsd files. That said, if all things are equal in the production process in terms of quality, generally sacd's should sound better than cd's but if compared to hi-res pcm files, the jury is still out. It all boils down to a matter of taste, or listening with our own ears.
So,how do we know the sq before we buy? Reading music reviews help a lot. Recommendations from music forums like the one here in A'gon are very helpful too.
Happy hunting and happy listening! J.
Jon2020, I believe that's what Gammajo said here:
...SACD can hold its own with all the new high res download formats, making the performance and recording quality more of a factor in hearing stellar, engaging sound than what high res format it is in.
I agree with what Gammayo said but to complete the whole picture, SACD is 64dsd. Hi-res can be run up to 384/24(DXD) or 256dsd.
I have heard good quality hi-res pcm 192/24 and 128dsd trump good quality SACD's, again with all things equal.
As always, the proof is in the listening with one's own ears and in the context of one's own system.
Cheers! J.
Thank you everyone for the input. In my system I notice a big difference in well recorded CDs, for example Reference Recordings HDCD and run of the mill on my Ayon CD5s player.

I have listened to a few DVD-A and SACD but only over my Sony DVD player (though the same preamp, DAC and speakers) and am wondering about investing in a better SACD player - any of the used ones now available on A'gon highly recommended to give SACD a fair trial?
Have a look at the Ayre C-5 listed here. Going by the great pics of its condition and the rave reviews so far, this may just be what you are looking for. Just to qualify, I do not know the seller.
Happy hunting! J.
Gammajo, The problem with SACDS is the low number of them available. Before investing in an SACD player I'd check out Acoustic Sounds, Music Direct and ebay to see if there are enough that you want available to make the cost of an SACD player worthwhile. If you like Classical music there are plenty available, but other genres, not too many. There are a lot of Japanese SHM SACDs being released, but they're very expensive.

You may be better off getting a server and dac that can accommodate all the hi-res formats. There are many more downloads available in multiple formats than SACDs.

You'll probably want streaming capabilities in your system too. It's not clear yet whether downloads or streaming will eventually be the format of choice. Downloads are pretty expensive and streaming is pretty cheap, at least for the time being. CD quality is the best quality available in streaming at present, I believe.
Last night I listened to a 2L recording from the same high bit master of the same music on Blue Ray compared to SACD. The recording engineer states that he prefers Blue Ray as even clearer, more detailed and dynamic, but some prefer the SACD as more rounded and beautiful. I heard the differences he spoke about in the two formats. On the advice here I have ordered a few SACD and Blue Ray to see which I prefer. Looking at the Oppo 105 and the Ayre and other used options, if I feel it is worthwhile. I do love classical as well as other styles, but I am of the impression that of my top 100 favorite CDs (particularly based on performance as opposed to sound quality) very few of them are in any higher res format.
OK, I have now listened to a half dozen well recorded Blue Ray and SACD through my $120 Sony DVD player plugged into my Ayon preamp, and compared this to the well recorded CD version from the same masters of the same pieces through the transport/DAC section of the same Ayon CD5s. All the high res was very clear, clean, and non harsh, yet seemed to be a touch more two dimensional (flatter) and lacking air and bloom and engagement compared to the CD versions through the Ayon. Is this characteristic of these high res formats, or could it be either the cheap Sony and ICs used to connect to the Ayon in my test? Debating whether to try a more sophisticated universal player given so far not hearing a great improvement with the high res.
The signal path disparity between the HD recordings via the
Sony and the CD recordings via the Ayon transport/DAC is
significant. In my comparisons between identical HD
recordings and their CD siblings via the same DAC/system
invariably favor the HD. Even using identical CD recordings
and their up-sampled HD siblings never favors the CD although
that difference is usually small or indeterminate.
Thanks Kr4. I just of another option for comparing tonight -duh! I will play the CD version as well as the High Res version all through the Sony into the Ayon preamp section, to take the different pathway out of the equation. If there is a significant difference between CD and High Res to my ears, then I will pursue a better universal player to bring up the level of play to more comparable to the Ayon Transport/DAC on CD.
Just make sure that the HD and CD versions are from the same mastering. Also, take note of the provenance: Is this really an HD recording or is it upsampled from CD/non-HD original?