Comparing Ribbon Tweeters - Golden Ear vs. Ascend Sierra

Hi - has anyone compared side by side the AMT ribbon tweeter in any Golden Ear vs. the RAAL tweeter in the Ascend Sierra speaker?  Or others like the Emotiva folded ribbon?  

I have auditioned the Golden Ears and like the tweeter but don't like other aspects of the speaker like the subwoofer, so wondering whether the Sierra's tweeter is close or comparable in providing a non-fatiguing and detailed experience.  

Thanks for any comments 
True, but as most AMTs are more square compared to most ribbons being tall and skinny most AMTs are going to have more limited horizontal dispersion than most ribbons, there are, of course, always exceptions.  

Also true that the room will certainly have an effect, and in certain rooms high directivity is a bonus, but in others a wider horizontal dispersion can add to the experience, plus offer a wider sweet spot.  

Over on AVS there was a controlled blind test between the JBL M2 and the Revel Ultima Salon 2.  Going in a lot of people were thinking that the M2, with its controlled directivity, was going to win the day, but the Ultima Salon 2 ended up taking the honors.  Now, that's not a ribbon or AMT speaker, but domes still have wider dispersion than compression drivers with controlled directivity waveguides.
Do not underestimate the waveguide on the revels. You get very good and controlled off axis response.

Would I trade my current AMT speakers for a Revel? Never. :)


I have not heard any GE speakers, but as a satisfied owner of Ascend Sierra 2's, I can say that the RAAL tweeters are very detailed and not fatiguing.