Comparing ProAc, Totem, Soliloquy, Tyler

I've been a happy long time ProAc monitor owner. Specifically, Response 1SCs and Tablette 50 Signatures.

However, I've been wondering about other well regarded makes of monitors and even floor standers especially those by Totem, Soliloquy, and Tyler and how they compare tonally to ProAcs, in general.

What I enjoy about ProAcs is their blend of warmth with detail and their outstanding soundtaging and imaging. I've compared my monitors directly to Sonus Faber Concertinos and Vienna Acoustics Haydns and preferred the ProAcs for their focused yet romantic nature.

I listen to a wide variety of music, but mostly favor genres with acoustic instrumentals and vocals, and I'm finding that given a choice I'd favor a nice full midrange over a sonic character many might consider more correct.

I'd appreciate any Audiogon experiences relating what they changed to from ProAcs or vice versa. Or any opinions of perceived differences between ProAcs and other brands that I might like.

Thanks for your help,
pro acs are great, so are totems. the others are nice but not as adept on all types of music. if you audition using a well recorded piano (for weight and tonal accuracy)the difference in the pro acs/totems vs the others is jaw dropping. the larger castles(harlechs and howards) are also amazing(they build the pro ac cabinets). they are half price at some audiogon retailers too.
You've got good comparison selections to make. IMHO it is ENTIRELY up to YOUR ears to make the determinations. The posts you receive can point you in directions to audition. That said, I would suggest, if possible, you take a listen to the JMR Reynaud Trentes. Soundstaging, vocal reproduction and some of the other qualities you seek can be found here. Will they lift your ears particularly -- Dunno. The suggestion is that if you can, give them a listen.

Hey guys, thanks for the opinions and recommendations. I'm looking into Totems, Castles and JM Reynauds. I appreciate the help!
Can anyone with Totem experience comment on this:

I've only heard Totmes at shows and they have always been extremely impressive. But Vince has always had them cranked up LOUD. How do Totems (Hawk, Forest, Model 1 Signature, Mani-2) sound at low volume? Some speakers just "ain't right" unless you crank them up, Wondering if this is true of Totems. Thanks.
My one experience with Totem speakers was at the last CES in Vegas, and I was impressed as well. I believe I was listening to Staafs or Hawks which were being played at fairly moderate levels and they sounded very well balanced. The electronics was McIntosh.

The only thing more impressive than the music was his beautiful wife[?], who kept kneeling in front of me and turning knobs...not mine sadly, but the music was great!
I think she's the marketing director. Definitely a factor in keeping the rooms packed at shows.
You may want to have a listen to Focus Audio speakers, if you have any dealers near you. I've compared their bookshelf speakers (FS688) to others such as Soliloquy 5.0s(which I own), Totem Model 1's and Pro-Ac Tablette 50 Signatures. They sound awesome. There are some reviews out there - Check them out if you get the chance.
My vote goes to ATC SCM12 if you're looking for new speakers. The ATC has fuller much more solid mids and low end frequency response because its sealed designed. However, a good power amp is required to drive this type of speaker. I've compared my SCM10 to proac 1SC, 1.5 2.5, B&W 805 signature and Platnium Solo they sounded more holo to my ears.
Thanks so much for the speaker recommendations outside of what I was initially considering. I'll definitely look into these options as well. Thanks!
Whereve your ears lead your backside will follow. Right into a comfy chair in the sweetspot between what you find as right for you.

Good luck.

Thanks man!
From my listening experience with totem, Low volume playing are their main strenght. Except the forest that can play louder, below that (hawk,arro) are impressive at low volume but not as much at high volume.

I have considered totem but my choice ends up with the forest for that reason. IMO the proac D15 are better for the same price so that will be my next purchase.
Check out the Silverline SR17 at

They have dynaudio drivers and sound deep, image great and are smooth as silk!
Another so called sleeper in this class of speakers is the Audes Blues. My jaw droped when I heard them. Sound much more expensive, Look much more expensive. Just listen and and surprise yourself. You may even save money. They our wonderful speakers.