Comparing Paradigm 60's v3


I am comparing the Paradigm 60's v3 to a couple of other speakers. I would appreciate any advice. I am using a Marantz SR6300 in a room 20' x 20' all hard wood floors and no curtains.

One of the speakers I am also considering heavily is the Wharfedale EVO 30's. These speakers cost less and to my ears are very pleasing.

Another speaker I am considering is the Soliloquy 5.3.

At this point I am leaning towards the Wharfedales, any opinions?

I bought my Paradigm 60.v3s about a month ago and am very pleased with them.

What you may have heard about them requiring a long break-in period is true. Fresh out of the box they lacked bass and the highs were bright. After a couple weeks they started sounding like the pair I auditioned at the dealer's. Now the bass is articulate, musical, and very, very present. The trebles are distinct and realistic without harshness. They are toed-in slightly and yield a wide soundstage that is perceivable in a wide sweet spot.

I'm driving them with all-NAD electronics - C160 preamp, C270 amp, C541i cd player. Cobalt cable connects them. FWIW, the interconnects are Audioquest Turquoise.

The system is in my home office, a carpeted room about 20' x 20', lined with glass-doored bookcases (I collect books), credenzas, and file cabinets. My listening position is about 10' from the speakers which are about 8' apart. Other geometries might work better, but there's only one place for the speakers and one place for my desk chair.

I bought them because I stupidly bought a pair of Sennheiser HD600 headphones and heard how lame my beloved New Advent Loudspeakers were in light of 25 years of technological advance.
hey bro i had the studio 20's and i was looking at speakers to-linn kans ,small very musical,green mountain [high pitched and too detailed]quad nice,then i settled on the evo 30 in black,,i like them a lot and they are very close to the quad 22l,which costs like 600 canadian more [same factory built]great reviews in what hi fi,these won't let you down ,,oh by the way for the money these and the small mission m70 i am shocked at how nice these sound ,,for 200 canadian ,,better then paradigm atom,faster,transparent,just better,i am using these with a vintage hk reciever with decent cable in another room,peace

I have an old Yamaha CD player (purchased at a mass market store) and it has problems playing some of my disks. It will skip around to other tracks on the disk. It only happens on 15% of the disks but it is driving me crazy.

I am willing to spend somewhere in the range of $500 to $700 for a CD player and I am looking for suggestions of what to consider.

I currently have a Marantz surround receiver and Wharfedale EVO 30 speakers.