Comparing new Nova300 vs Marantz PM14S3

Another question from a newbie:
First, some back ground info to look into,
1) Amplifier - Marantz Pearl Lite
2) Source - SA 8005 & computer direct to spinner with usb cable
3) Speakers - Harbeth shl5 plus
4) Room - 4.2m x 4.35m x 3.4m (LBH)
5) Music genre - basically all, favorite singers/musicians - Kitaro, Allan Taylor, Sara K, Janis Ian, Dionne Warwick, Bob Dylan, Tenesse Ernie Ford, Cusco, Leonard Cohen, BB King, Eric Clapton, Hiroshima, The Tall Band, ..........
6) No dedicated music room, but the living room is well treated.

I'm having problems above 85db without loosing control of the inefficient 86db speakers. Thinking of upgrading the amp and go all computer based system. Saw the news on Peachtree and wondered if the sound is compatible to my current system.
I like a slightly warm sound, reason for using Marantz, but do not like a bloated or bright sound. Heard the PM 14 S3 in the shop (like it), but was thinking is 90watts sufficient (only 20watts more than my current)? (Was using a Accuphase 406, sold it, as it started to give funny sound. It's out of my budget to get the newer models. Loves the control and the free flowing sound.)
Price wise, the Nova300 and the PM14S3 is pretty close, but has 300watts on tap. My only worry is the brightness of digital amplifiers, correct me if I'm wrong.
Has anyone compared or heard the Nova300, and enlighten me on the sound characteristic?
Thank you all and sorry for a lengthy read.

The PM14S1 is only 20 wpc more than a Pearl Lite but that is into 8 ohms. It is 40 wpc more into 4 ohms and this is the number that really counts.

I have a PM15S2 that has the same output specs as the 14 and drive a pair of Dynaudio Focus 260’s that are true 4 ohm speakers with sensitivity of only 87db, most likely a more difficult load than your Harbeths. My listening room is 13 x 18’ and I have no problems with this combo. I don’t think you would either with the PM14S1.  In short, I love this amp.  Being built at the Marantz reference factory in Japan, it's build quality is heirloom.

The class D Nova would not be for me despite its higher output.  Count me one of those that prefers the warmer sound of class A/B.  But suggest you audition to find out for yourself.  And if not to your liking, you know that the PM14S1 can certainly get the job done.

The nova 125 sounded good but I didn't care to listen to it for longer periods. I owned the 15s2 also It was a very quiet & clean sounding amp with huge power reserves,the capacitors are quite large in this amp and it performed best when you put more juice to the speakers. So I believe it would work better with inefficient speakers. Also your marantz makes a great pre amp. And you can pick up a very nice high power amp on the used market pretty cheap.
Thanks for the feedback, Paraneer and Garyagostini.
I heard the 14s1 (sorry for wrong model identification in my post) and like it as it's similar with the Pearl Lite but better clarity, wider and deeper stage. However they are using a different speakers and it has a higher efficiency than mine.
My speakers are rated at 6 ohms at 86 db efficiency that means I should,
effectively, have about 90 watts at the speaker end, and the new 14s1 would have about 120 watts. Based on what I read, I can get, at most 93 db pressure from the 14s1. Just wished to have a better control when needed for those high bass music like, Cusco's mexica and Roger Waters' 3 wishes
Just hoping someone here (forum) has heard the new Nova and some comparison will be nice. The product is still not available and no ETA dates for me.
Thanks again.