comparing monitors

I am looking for a monitor that will play well in a 12x15 room. That being said, I am wondering if anybody has had any experience with the Reimer's and jm reynaud offrande's. If you have heard both can you make some comparisons? Both are held in very high regard, so I am trying to find out the differences. I use a 35 watt tube amp and will have a tubed cd player. I guess if anybody else has suggestions on monitors that due what they should as a monitor(imaging sound stage etc) and have deep clean bass(for a monitor)let me know. Want to stay around 2000$ new or used.Thanks!
I've heard the LSA1 monitors ($1000k), and they have wonderful imaging and surprisingly deep, clean bass. A friend borrowed them to compare with his B&W Signature 805, and was thoroughly impressed with their performance. I would guess his room is perhaps 10x12.

They are offered by the LSA Group/DK Design.

As a disclosure, I have corresponded with Larry Staples for the past few years, and consider him a friend. However, I wouldn't have mentioned the LSA1 monitors if I didn't think they were very good and worth an audition.
I'd suggest checking out the sonus faber signums, it was the entry level in their classic line, very good bass, excellent imaging but they do need some space, probably a couple feet out from side and front walls. They are rated at 4ohm, 87db, the 35w tube amp might be just enough power for that room size. They can be found used for about $2000 or less, there is a pair listed now (I have no connection to the seller). I've had a pair for 5 years, they are my second system now, but I still love these speakers.
Tvad, I looked at the website, but could not find them. Do you know where I can take a look?
Contact Audiogon member "Lrsky" (Larry Staples) via e-mail and ask where you may hear them.

1000K for monitors? You sure you didn't mean 1K????;-}}

As for the Reimers, these are excellent monitors that will play much bigger than they look. If you use them in a large room, you will probably need a sub, but that's a judgement call. They are very detailed and slightly forward. I would definitely put them on your list of contenders.


1000K for monitors? You sure you didn't mean 1K????;-}}
You're right. I meant $1000.00.
ozzy62, my experience with forward sounding and detailed monitor's(in most people's descriptions) usually aren't musical, I heard the Harbeth monitor 30's today and thought they were outstanding, although maybe a little restrained up top, but just slightly. How do the reimers sound as far has comparing them to speakers like the harbeths or overall musicality?
I haven't heard Harbeths, but from what I imagine they would sound like, the Reimers do not sound like that. But that's not to say they aren't musical, because they are. They just might be a little too much for you. I went back to Montanas because they are a little more relaxed, but not as transparent as the Reimers. All a matter of taste. But if you like a laid back sound, the McCulloughs are not the speaker for you.
If the Reimer monitors sound anything like their Teton big brothers which I have heard, then they are stunningly live and forward sounding rather than relaxed. I thought the Tetons sounded exceptional.
I don't only like a relaxed sound, but at the same time I don't like really anything from b&w that I have heard or some of the jm lab stuff. I thought the Harbeths midrange and bass were great but a little lacking in top end resolution. So, a speaker that has killer midrange and clean semi deep bass with highs that extend but never get bright and is utterly musical and seductive would be the one for me! If the Reimers do that I am all ears, what do you guys think?
I think you should listen to the LSA1. They fit your description: killer midrange, clean semi deep bass, highs that extend but never get bright, utterly musical and seductive.

Of course, system synergy is key. If you can audition them with a MBG, then it's a no-brainer.

I guess that's a big IF, though.
I am waiting for the tear sheet on them from larry, If they follow suit with the dk, with value then it could be a winner. 1000$ dollars seems dirt cheap to do all of that! But, if that's the case, I win!
Consider the Stone Image Rothschilde A2 Monitors. They are outstanding for the price and Jimmy R is a pleasure to work with.
hoggshead, they seem interesting! I must admit I would be afraid of the metal drivers, there have not been to many I have come across that I liked, usually edgy and not very musical. Have you heard these or do you have them? Can you give me a little more insight if you do? Thanks, Sean34.
Hello Sean,

Yes, I own the Rotchschilde's. They are wonderful little speakers IMHO. The metal tweeter is not "hot" or etched. The woofer, looks like a Dynaudio but probably isn't, has great bass extension considering cabinet size. The most remarkable thing about the Rotchschildes' is the imaging. I've seldom heard better. The speakers get out of the way of the music and provide a wide and deep soundstage. The midrange is excellent with great tonal colors. What they don't have is great slam and impact like a larger speaker. I took mine to a NYC audio meet. Here's a link to some of the opinions.

Give Jimmy R an e-mail or phone call. I believe he allows for a 3 week in-home audition.


I have the Offrandes and I really like them. In the past year I have changed out all of my other components at least once but have never considered changing out the Offrandes. The better components I feed them the better they sound. Image and sounstage are superb, mids are lush and detailed with extended and airy highs but not edgy or fatiguing. They go to an honest 30hz and play low bass notes and drums with equal ease. (I put my Totem subwoofer in storage) I would say they are extremely musical as opposed to analytical. Having said that they do like power I am now using a Krell fpb300cx which since the speakers are a 4ohm load is putting 600 watts a channel into them. I am not sure how they would do with a modest powered tube amp.

Your original question included (So, a speaker that has killer midrange and clean semi deep bass with highs that extend but never get bright and is utterly musical and seductive would be the one for me!)

The Offrandes certainly fill the bill. I have not heard the Reimers.

I hope this helps
Hello, i'm from The Netherlands and here there are a paar of signums with stands for about 1300 euro's 2ehands!
Mart Koolen
I'm very happy with the Amphion Argons.

Haven't heard some of the ones mentioned above, but have compared these to Linn Helix, Totem Arro, B&W 805, and JMLab Profile 908s.

The Argons have imo more than enough bass for a medium-sized room (40hz), a musical, engaging midrange, and clear but not harsh highs, with very decent imaging and soundstage.