Comparing Conrad-Johnson 17LS to 17LS2 Preamplifie

Just wondering if anyone has compared these two units? Is the 17LS2 a small improvement or quite significant. I read that it has the upgraded Teflon capacitors, better power supply, etc but not sure if it warrants the additional premium either new or used. The various review magazines seem to think it is a significant improvement.

I am looking at this preamplifier specifically because of its HT bypass features as well as obvious two channel reasons.

Because I am transitioning from an HT only system, the CJ would be driving a Rotel 200W SS amplifier, feeding a pair of (highly modified) Paradigm Reference Studio 60 loudspeakers. My source is a Tube Research Labs modified Sony 2000ES SACD player. I use HomeGrown Audio Silver Lace unbalanced ICs with Eichmann Silver Bullet plugs.

I am currently using the analog-direct mode in an Anthem AVM-20 HT preprocessor as the preamplifier for 2ch music.

Also any opinions on the Mullard 2493 tubes? The 17LS comes with an extra pair of these. Not sure how these tubes rate compared to the stock Sovtek tubes.

I am looking at two used units. The 17LS would be about 75% of the 17LS2 price.

Thanks in advance for feedback.
The 17 series two is better than the series one and in my opinion worth the money the 16 series two is better still.

I had a series 1 and have listened to a series 2. Both are excellent and whilst I did'nt hear them together, I just don't see there is a great difference. I understood that the LS2 came about because of the need to source new capacitors, the old ones being no longer available. Frankly, I think you can't go wrong with either, though an important consideration is that the earlier model seems a lot cheaper 2nd hand.
The 17LS2 is superior to the original 17LS. You can not upgrade a standard LS to a LS2. If you can afford the upgrade, you will not be disapointed! Life is short, and our hearing frequency life even the LS2 and be happy!
Just as a matter of fact...the upgrade is about $3K not worth it at this point due to the price point of a used 17LS2 (if you can find one).