Comparing Classe CA 400, CA 401, and Cam 350

Has anyone compared these amplifiers? I have had Ca 400's and I am looking to upgrade to either the 401 or the mono blocks and I was wondering if the difference was significant.
I owned a CA-200, and my dealer told me the 00 series was identical to the 01 model under the hood. The change was purely cosmetic. Classe no longer wanted to make chassis' in Silver OR Black, so they designed one chassis that was Silver AND Black. So I don't see how going from the 400 to the 401 would do anything for you sonically. The CAM is a different story, as it borrows more from the Omega line. I haven't heard the CAM series yet though.
BTW, I upgraded from the CA-200 to a Threshold T400, much more detail without a hint of fatigue. Bass is not as full, but tighter and better defined. More air in the highs also.
I would stay with your 400's until you can check out the CAM's. I wouldn't consider the 401 an upgrade, only a lateral move.

The 301 and 401 ARE different than the 300 and 400. From the 200 down they are the same. The 200 and 201 are the same as John said above.. The 301 and 401 use a different curcuit than the 300 and 400. The cam also uses this new curcuit. There will be a difference in sound between your 400 and 401. What the difference is and how much of an improvement if any should be determined by your own ears. I never listened to the difference. Everything is the same design except using a different curcuit. They still employed the same design using more smaller caps rather than fewer larger caps. The 301 and 401 uses the same combination of Bi-polar, Mosfet and J-Fet Transistors. So John was right and wrong. His ca200 and the newer ca201 are exactly the same under the hood with only a face lift. The ca300 and ca400 are very similar but a little different under the hood. The 300 and 400 were always different from the 200 and under. Its like you stepped into a higher league once you stepped up to the ca300 from the ca200. From the 200 down its like stepping down a step. The CAV 75 and 150 series of multi Channel amps are the same under the hood with only a face plate change.
Hope this helped.
I have to admit that your responses are not what I expected but very enlighting. I appreciate the feedback.

I would also be interested in hearing from people that heard these amps and thought another brand in the same price range was better.
When I bought the 350's--which are superb--the manufacturer told me (telephone call to Canada) that they were clearly superior to the 400. I had a chance to audition both, and that was unquestionably right. I haven't heard the 401, so cannot comment. But I can tell you one thing--I can lift and move the 350's all by myself. Go try it with the 401!