Comparing CD’s marketed for the U.S. to “imports”

I have bought many CD�s this year from many different places. CD�s manufactured for the U.S. seem to all have things different than all other countries disc that are imported. Just a few of the countries where these imports have come from is the U.K., Germany, Holland, Taiwan, Japan, Australia and so on. None of these discs has what I call the U.S. curse.

The biggest annoyance is that very sticky UCP label that is put on the outside of the case that is a very big pain in the bu__. It seems if the disc has sat somewhere that got warm; it is impossible to remove it in one piece. After you finally get it off, you now have a sticky mess all across the top of the case. I have found that �Goo Gone� removes it, but this gets very tiresome. Why is this dumb label on there when the outer cellophane wrapper is going to tear so a store would know the disc was no longer sealed? This label has to add to the manufacturing cost since it�s another process in packaging the product. No Import disc has ever had this sticky label on it.

U.S. disc now seem to have that little RF metal tag stuck sometimes right on the paper where it will tear if you try to remove it. Grrrrrrr Why don�t they attach it on the plastic so the purchaser can easily remove it after it has been opened if they wish?
try separating the two parts of the jewel box. the annoying label can then be easily removed in one piece by pulling the two 1/2s apart. hard to describe, but easy to do.

it is there to prevent theft, and for use in automated warehouses.