Comparing B & W 804 Matrix with current speakers.

I would like some feedback as to how my Matrix 804's would compare to current offerings from Verity, Vienna, Audio Physics, etc. I would like to upgrade my current system:
Pass Aleph 3, Audible Illusions L1, Magnum Dynalab Etude, Sony SACD777ES, DH Labs cables and wires..Thanks, John
With Verity? See my comments re Fidelios and Parsifals in previous threads and in my virtual system synopsis.
I have a somewhat similar system to yours in that I have Alephs and soon an MD tuner. I found that the Electrocompaniet emc-1 MkII I VASTLY prefer over the Sony on Redbook. Mates extremely well with Discovery Essence and Siltech XLR.
Don't know how you can put 804Matrix in the same category as the Verities, et al you listed.
I'd focus on the BEST transducers you like IN YOUR ROOM, and keep the electronics you have unless you need more power. (The Parsifal Encores, for example, use 4 ohm Dynaudio custom woofers, so require at least Aleph 5...better yet Aleph 2 to really punch.)
Just my nickel....
I have a pair of Matrix 804's I am using in my H/T rig, and totally agree with the above post...the 804's are not even in the same ballpark. A nice match for your Aleph 3 might be
a far more efficient speaker such as some of the Triangle's
like the Celius. The 804 needs a lot more juice to get going than the Aleph 3 can output. I tried the Aleph once with my 804's just for kicks, but it sounded rather weak to say the least.