Comparing Ayre vs BAT

Both the Ayre V-5x and the BAT VK-250 have received positive feedback as SS stereo amps. I would like to find out from people who have actually had one or both amps which would do a better job for 2 channel music listening. In addition, which one would allow for easier mating with a tube pre re pre gain and amp sensitivity? Speakers will likely be the newly released Carvelles.
Thanks in advance for your help
I can't compare the V5x to the VK250; but I can comment about using the V5x with a BAT VK30SE tube preamp. Works great!! Both the Ayre and the BAT have very high imput impedances; both over 100Kohms - very compatible with tube pramps. I actually replaced a BAT VK75SE with this Ayre. The VK75 is of course truly one of the best tube amps available. I miss it sometimes - great tube amps are very seductive; and make no mistake, the Ayre does not highlight the midrange like the BAT. But, I like big complex orchestral music, and like the control and LOW DISTORTION of a good SS amp. I have Avalon speakers (Ascendants) - these are easy to drive, but high current is nice with Avalon.
I have not heard the BAT SS amps. But, I can tell you that it is VERY hard to beat AYRE for SS. He gets the music right. And, the V5x works great with my BAT preamp.