Compared tube preamps? Want remote & phonostage.

Has anyone compared VTL, Rogue, Audible Illusions, and CJ preamps to each other? I own AI Mod3A, CJ PV10, and CJ Premier 14, but I am thinking about a Rogue or VTL pre to have remote volume together with built in phono stage. I like the sound of the AI used with my VTL 70/70 amp with Harbeth Compact 7 speakers.
I've been researching some of these lately. Of the ones you mention, VTL is most appealing to me currently.
I think Cary might make an all in one pre also, but is probably more than I want to spend. I will sale the Premier 14,PV10AL, & Mod 3A if I am confident a Rogue 66 (or 99) or VTL 2.5 (or 5.5) will sound as good. The 5.5 will probably be more than I want to spend.
I like the Audible Illusions, and I don't care for the Rogue. Haven't heard the other two. That's my two cents.