Compared Shunyata Hydra V-Ray to Burmester 948??

Wilson Speakers,Audio Research Pre & Power Amps,Audio Note Dac
Cec Transport,Clearaudio Turntable & Cartridge,Graham Tonearm
Burmester Power Conditioner,Nordost Cabling.
Just to clarify the above has anyone compared or heard of a comparison between these 2 power conditioners?
Regards Bigpond.
Yes, actually. I own both of them. The 948 has better balance as in when in use, the improvements audibley are across the range. Shunyata has better bass and quiets everything down but not nearly to the level of the Burmester.
After serious A/B testing, I am moving the v-Ray to my bedroom and buying another Burmester 948 for my office system.
Thanks for the info.
Regards Bigpond
Hi Bigpond,

I just got the Burmester 948 as well...great piece of equipment and i much prefered its lower noise floor, greater dynamic range and more effortless portrayal of music than my Transparent Audio power conditioner and Nordost Thor which i have used previously.

Hope you are enjoying your phenomenal system!