compare VPI Aries & TNT SM to Nottingham 294

Can anyone who has heard more than one of these tables compare and contrast the VPI Aries, TNT, Superscoutmaster, and Nottingham Space 294. I know arms and cartridges make a difference but let's assume they were all equally matched to each other and their respective tables. Thanks!
I've heard the Aries I and the Superscout. Aries wins. Both had 10.5 arms and Clearaudio Victory H cartridges. Also, both had the SDS in the chain.
That's interesting Tiger...I presume the tables went through the same amp, preamp, speakers. Kindly tell what the differences you heard were.. Thanks
Tighter bottom. Super was muddy. Mid was clearer. And yes, same amp (Cayin/VAS), preamp (Cayin/VAS) and speakers (ProAc 140's).
Your comments are interesting. I had done a side-by-side comparison between an Aries 1 1/2 (upgraded I but not a full II) and a Scoutmaster and I got just the opposite result. The Scoutmaster produced much cleaner bass and more textured mid - violin had more wood and more realistic bowing. Both had Lyra Helikon on, Aries had 10.5 arm, Scoutmaster had 9 arm. Phono was Krell KPE. I would expect the Super scoutmaster outperforms Scoutmaster due to a better drive system. I guess it is not always the case. It just shows that how important component matching can be.
unless set up is meticulous, differences in VTA, etc. could easily account for this.
Tiger - I have a Superscout and gee whiz, the lows are so clean, extended and natural, I just wonder how it could be better. You can follow string bass and other low instruments effortlessly with complete recognition of proper or improper pitch. Mids ... I can even understand the words of Springstein.. This is why we must take all this stuff as opinion, and test our tunes with our own ears.