Compare tube Amplificated

hi friends.
is there anybody that compare or hear the integrated of Rogue audio Tempest2 with 9-rms tube to leben integrated cs600 with 32rms or cary sli-80 ???
pls i wanna know the opnion i have devore fidelty nines speakers and what u think is better ?
i know the leben cs600 cost-5000$,carysli80-3500$,rogue audio 2800$.
when i ask the dealer of rogue he said that the tempest2 is much better then cary ,but he doesnt hear the leben cs600.
people pls tell me any information u knows i dont have chance to hear all the amplificat in israel so i need ahonestly opnions
The Leben is known for having very good synergy with Devore speakers. Go with the sure thing.
thanks i wanna hear more response from people here pls