Compare Space Tech Lab DACs vs Lampizator DACs???

Can anyone comment on sonic aspect of Space Tech Labs DACs compared to Lampizator DACs? As well as on any other features?
Thank you all.
I'm interested in this topic too which is why I'm bumping this thread out of its 3.5 year grave. 
It was a pleasure working with Albert on my system. I never cease to be impressed everytime I listen to this DAC. The imaging is pin point accurate and it projects a massive massive sound stage in both depth and width. The sound is extremely holograhic to the point of sounding 3D for a lack of a better word. This DAC is also highly resolving; separation between instruments and micro details are rendered effortlessly.

Attack and decay, especially for orchestral pieces and acoustic vocals are stunningly beautiful. This along with other numerous attributes, make this the most musical DAC I've ever listend to.

I've auditioned numerous DACs that sound analytical to DACs that sound musical. In my experience, many DACS do one of these things well but it's rare for a DAC to be great at both. This DAC handily bests all Delta Sigma and R2R Dacs I've listened to in the 10k-20k cad range. I've heard one DAC that may be comparable and that's the flagship tube DAC from Lampizator. However, that DAC is more than 3x the price of this DAC.

I thought I would post this review. I own one of space tech lab's preamps, and I'm considering one of his dacs.