Compare Shuguang vs ElectroHarmonics 6SN7

Can anyone fill me in on the sonic differences between these two current production 6SN7s? I consider the EH to be somewhat analytical sounding - is the Shuguang any warmer?
the EH is a very smooth non-detailed sound...don't know about the Shuguang....NOS Sylvania, Tung-Sol and RCA are the place to be.
No experience with either of those but I have some re-issue Tung Sols 6SN7's that are surprisingly good compared to the NOS Tung-Sols and Sylvanias I also have.
Glad finally to hear someone speak well of reissue Tung Sol 6SN7. Did you ever compare them to EH made in the same factory? IMO EH sound very good.
The Shuguangs are definitely warmer than the EHs, but be careful what you wish for...they might be too warm.

They were the stock tubes in my Cary SLP 98L, and they did have a certain allure: a rich midrange and almost spooky depth.

But they sounded a little "ambiguous" and kinda "glassy" overall.

I've been running Sylvania VT-231s for quite a few years; nothing else seems to sound "right" compared to them.
Dgarretson, yes, I actually have the EH in addition to the Tung Sols, I'd forgotten that. I bought them first to replace the stock Chinese 6SN7s in an AES AE-3 DJH, then almost immediately bought the Tung Sols on the advice of a friend and played them for awhile before getting some NOS tubes. The EH sounded perfectly fine but in my particular setup weren't quite as musical as the Tung Sols so I haven't gone back to try them again.

I picked up some old Tung Sol and GE 6SN7s after that and then some of the Sylvania VT-231s that Tommuch recommended. They are my favorites as well, but of course a little pricier and harder to find.

Fact is, all of them sound good and if it weren't fun to track them down and listen to the differences I'm sure I'd be happy enough with any of them.