Compare REL Model Lines

In REL's subwoofer lines, are the R Series 'better' than the 'T' series; ie. is a R-328 a better subwoofer than the T-9?
The older Britainia series B1, B2,B3 are the ones to find, the new ones are not built as well. Company has really changed over the last 5 years or so...and not for the better.

the Britainia series is outstanding! I have not auditioned the Storm or Stratta models. Many do not like the newer series sub(s)- I think that they are a bargain at their price-points. Keep me posted & happy listening!
Is that because they are now made in China?
To answer your specific question about the REL models you're considering - Yes, the R series subs are a step above the T series subs. They are also very different in that the R series uses Class D amps while the entry level T's use Class A/B.

The R series has been recently replaced by the S series.

Whichever REL you choose, they are great subs and a good choice if music is your first priority. Hope this helps brother.
Defintiely the Britania series are the ones to own. Plain to look at but gorgous to hear.
I had an R528, I got it half off from an Audio Dealer who was going out of biz in Seattle. I thought it was going trounce my T2 and it didn't...Ya, it made more was a good sub dont get me wrong. The T2 was faster and tighter. IMO