Compare Purif-based amp vs Class A/B (Code No 8/ Halo JC-5/ Pass X-250/ Anthem STR)

Looking for anyone that has actually done some comparative listening to Purifi-based amps vs quality Class A/B ampsunder $10k-ish like Coda No. 8, Halo JC-5, Anthem STR, Pass X250, etc. There is a lot of hype around this new Purifi module. I have speakers (Green Mountain C-3) that are decently efficient (93db, 6-ish ohm load, -3db @ 27Hz) and an easy load for an amp.I know of course that the answer is that it is very dependant on your particular system and preferences. I am just trying to get a general idea if anyone is choosing these Purfi-based amps over good Class A/B amps. Thanks for your input.
I can't answer yet, but I'm building a DIY amp using the Purifi modules and also have a JC-5. The sound signature of the Purifi is going to depend a lot on the front-end driver. The Purifi module has low input impedance (1.5K to 2.2K depending on frequency) and modest gain, so it needs some form of buffer/driver board to provide an easier load to drive. 

The Purifi module itself is extremely low distortion and noise, so the front-end board will really determine the way the amp sounds. I'm planning to build/buy a few different driver boards (including one with triodes) to experiment and see what works best in my system.

The VTV amp mentioned above is the bottom of the line stereo amp from VTV ($979 including shipping to your door).  The versions with the discrete op amps and discrete regulators are better.  Mono or dual mono stereo will get you a little more too.  He also has a version with a tube buffer if you want that kind of sound.  Then there are the advanced tweaky mods that I do.

There is a lot more that determines the sound than just what buffer you use on the input.  Every single thing you do changes the sound.  You might want to read what I do to get a little info on tweak possibilities.....especially if you are building your own.
Nothing against Purifi or Class A/B amps, but with your speakers have you tried any tube or Class A amps?  Is this an energy/heat thing?  Personally I’d love to hear your speakers with something like a Valvet E2.  Just curious. 
I actually have a pair of Viva Aurora SET monos using 845 and 211 tubes. Before that I had an Air Tight ATM-2.  I have a hybrid 2-channel and Surround system so looking for a musically satisfying SS amp.  I was thinking about the VTV Purifi monos with perhaps the tube input module