Compare Parasound 2100 vs. Parasound P3 preamps

I recently sold a P3 Halo preamp because the phono section was just so-so. I now have an opportunity to purchase a used Parasound 2100.

Does anyone know if performance of the 2100 phono section is sonically better than the P3? I have a Parasound 2200 power amp pushing a pair of B&W Nautilus 802 and occasionally a pair of B&W 803S. I just love the combination. I currently use a McCormack TLC-1 as preamp.

I am looking at the Parasound 2100 for use with my turntable.
Call Parasound. I called to ask about the differences between the P3 & P7 and the top guy there answered the phone-I can't remember his name. He was really nice and helpful and described the specific differences and their effects in detail.
Bizango: Can you tell us what those differences and effects are, please?

Thanks, Bizango1. Richard at ext. 13 in Parasound tech support indicated that the P3 was developed in 2000-01 while the 2100 was developed more recently. Therefore the 2100 is a much better preamp, phono section and all, than the P3.
Jorgeparrapuppy, sorry but I don't remember the details because it was a while ago. He recommended the P7 when he learned that I was most interested in sound quality in a 2 channel rig as it has better parts, design, etc. More money, naturally! I ended up downsizing to an integrated by Wyred4Sound instead but never got the chance to audition the P7.
Bizango: Thanks for the response. And I apologize for hijacking the thread. How do you like your integrated?
"Therefore the 2100 is a much better preamp, phono section and all, than the P3."

Wow, I wonder if they are going to update the P3. I heard that Parasound is working on a Halo integrated amp.
james, i hope that's true. i've been hoping for that a long time.