Compare nordost Baldur vs Red Dawn

Hi ,

I looking for the new generation of nordost IC s.I have a good experience with Nordost Red dawn and Blue heaven.But now I want to purshase the nordost Baldur, or the Frey and Quatro Fill.

a)My first question if any have the experience to compare the Nordost Baldur vs Red Dawn.¬°How much better are Baldur over the Red Dawn?

b)How much better are the Frey versus Baldur?
c) If any have experience with Quatro Fill?

I have a system stereo with Proceed Pre (stereo) and Mark Levinson 333 with B&W 801 Matrix speakers and Lexicon Rt 20 dvd.

System 2: Are Halcro SSP 100 with ML 333 front channel and Bryston 4 b for the rear speakers and B&W 801 front , HTM center speaker and 805 for the rear and Velodyne sub.Use the same RT 20 in multich. And many music in dvd audio and sacd format.

Thank for the info
The Red Dawn had more weight in the low freq. and is overal a little mote compleet. The Baldur has a more open mid and less weight in the low freq. The frey is not a good choice for your ML gear. Too open in the mid/high freq.
Thank you Leonx , for your opinion.

In your experience the Nordost SPM are better than Frey , acording my system with Ml gear.

Please reply as soon of posible
Yes The SPM has a better individual focus and a more warm mid comparred to the Frey.