Compare NAD C326BEE and Cambridge Azur 550A

Finally I'm able to purchase a integrated amp. I've narrowed my choices to the NAD C326BEE and Cambridge Azur 550A. I'd appreciate opinions and input from those of you who have experience with either one. Pros for both is that they have a pre out and inputs for powered subs. I have read many reviews for both but would like to hear from experienced members.

I can tell you that the NAD 326BEE is a fine performer but the remote is the worst I can remember. I often have to press the buttons twice to make it work and sometimes it will go for a few hours and certain buttons will not work at all.

I still recommend the amp because it is so good for the money but you could have remote issues too so, buyer beware.

the sound of the amp is very musical, instruments have body and dynamic scale, the high end is detailed but not fatiguing, midrange tone is very good. There is a certain amount of presence and soundstage to the music.

My only sonic quibble is a bit of a muddy quality in the lower mids/upper bass that can make vocals a bit difficult to hear. It could be the cables on my system or speakers and I notice it less on my DVD/CD player than on my tuner/Directv receiver.
Thanks for your input Philjolet. I ordered the NAD this am. I just set up my Logitech Harmony One to replace the NAD so far its been an awesome remote. My woofers are self powered so I'll see.