Compare Mapleshade Double Helix to Audience Au24

I'm very familiar with the Mapleshade cable. In my system its very fast, terrific microdynamics, great tonal colors, powerful and defined deep bass; but is thin in lower midrange much of the time and can get a bit hot on the top sometimes.

Thinking of switching to Au24 and I'm looking for folks with experience with both cables.

The Au24 is likely warmer? without losing the great tone? excitement? or punch?

Mapleshade's more expensive speaker cable is touted as being somewhat warmer than my double helix as well. Any comparisons there?

i cant comment on the mapleshades. but, i did own audience au24's, and after my own little a-b test, replaced them with kimber kable bifocal x's. the kimbers were much warmer and detailed.