compare Krell vs Linn and Jolida cd player

Has anybody compared a Krell KAV280 or 300 cd player with for example a Linn (Ikemi or Karik) or a Jolida JD100A or a Classe CDP10 or 100 ?
I can only vouch for the 280CD, which I own. It's a great player that IMO does everything well from top to bottom. There have been reports of reliability issues with the Krell KAV and SACD players, which concerned me, but I have not had any problems thus far. Can't say that the display is the best (red and dim), but the sound is sure nice.
I have had the Linn Ikemi for a couple of years and am very pleased with the sound and reliability. It is dynamic, has good base and the highs are great. Several of my friends, on music evenings have also liked it. I have not had the opportunity to hear the Krell of Jolida players.