Compare Between Few Dacs

hi to all.
i have LEBEN CS 600 AND DEVORE NINES SPEAKERS.i get suggest from here to buy dac that called METRUM OCTAVE MINI NOS DAC. but ,unfortunately i live in israel i cant hear this dac .so i decided to buy dac but in my country there few dacs that i can hear and consider i like to know what you people can suggest me to buy and why that will be match well to my system (pls if u can explain your choice i will be glad) :


and what you think if you compare all this to metrum octave mini nos dac ??
someone in my country say that the hegel hd 2 is perfect for use with pc and its cheap but i cant test it in my home so what your opnion ??
please i so need help what to do ?
the budget is 1000$-1200@ used or new i dont care
I can't give you a comparison to the DACs you suggest, but I've been very happy with my Wadia 121 (around $1200) from my MacBook, direct into my Bel Canto amp. I would also give strong consideration to the Schiit Gungnir, which just came out a few weeks ago.
Hi Bolero,

I haven't heard any of those dacs, but have spent time with the bel canto dac3 and i have to tell you, its the best dac i have ever heard short of the linn ds. The 1.5 is a newer model, but also lower price point, but if the 3 is any indication, i think you can't go wrong.

Of the DAC's yo mention I have only heard the WFS and Metrum. The Metrum was clearly better but you must feed it with something like an Audiophellio 2.

I have good news, there are no bad DACs.
thanks alot for the response i will be glad to read more and more people that test this dac espically the HEGEL HOW HE COMPARE TO METRUM OCTAVE ?
and last thing how is the WADIA 121 WITH COMPARE TO METRUM OCTAVE ?

my choose is :
1.metrum ocatve mini nos dac with audiophilo usb spdif
2.wadia 121
3.hegel hd 11

what you think people about this dacs who wins ?
and last last thing plsss the imporvment between those dacs will be significant (in percent % how much )

thanks alot all of you i wish you can help more i really appreciate and sorry about my english
have nice day hope to see more posts
Bhobba: First, I want to say thank you. It was your comments I read in a post a while ago that led me to the purchase of my Metrum. I love it and actually prefer it to the Weiss Minerva I had at five times the cost. I have a few questions regarding proper use of the Metrum. Questions that I can't seem to get any answers to. I am currently using the Metrum via its optical input as it's the only option for me right now. In the past I purchased two usb/spdif converters...Mapleshade (which required a driver that I couldn't to get to operate), and a M2Tech Hiface 2. I was getting "clicks" and "pops" coming out of the speakers with the Hiface 2. Someone said I need to increase the buffer size but when I asked how this is done, I couldn't get an answer. The Hiface 2 was returned.

Also, I understand that the Metrum can be modified to accept BNC input as this apparently is a true 75 ohm input.

So, here are my questions:

1) Does the Audiophillio require a driver to download?
2) Have you compared other usb/spdif converters to the
3) Do you know how to increase buffer size?
4) Have you any experience using the Metrum with a BNC

Sorry for all the questions but I can't the answers I need.
Hi Devilboy

I am not surprised you prefer it to the Minerva - I compared the two and the Metrum was clearly better to my and others ears that heard it.

I have compared the Audiophellio to the optical with the Metrum - the Audiophellio blows it out of the water - a joke comparison.

No drivers necessary for the Audiophellio on a Mac - not sure about a Windows machine since I dont use that.

I have compared many USB converters to the Audiophellio and nothing cheaper bests it - the stuff that does like an Off-Ramp is much more expensive. The Audiophello is the best bang for buck.

I use Bitperfect and Audirvana on a Mac for playback software and they have options to adjust buffer size - Bitperfect is very cheap and is what I would suggest - but its default settings work just fine.

No experience with a BNC input but the Audiophellio direct injects into the DAC and you get attachments that make it dead simple to connect to the Metrum.

Bhobba: Thank you very much for the info...much appreciated.
Bhobba: I'm about to pull the trigger on an Audiophilleo 2 and have another question about your experience with it. I understand that it comes with a usb cable. Did you use it with the stock cable or did you use an upgraded cable? Also, should the usb cable be 1.5 meters as recommended by many for digital cables?(although I don't know if that pertains to coax only or usb as well).

As always, your advice is greatly appreciated.
I replaced the spdif input rca for a true 75ohm bnc on my Metrum, 5 min job. It is worth it. I however use a JKMK3 which is Bnc out and a Blackcat Silverstar didital IC which is also bnc.

Metrum is very nice, it replaced a W4S in my system. Bill is correct and has a wealth of knowledge, you need to feed it a good jitter free signal if using a Mac/PC. Nothing less than JKMK3 or Audiophilleo.

I've only tired optical with my Apple TV2 and AirPlay....... Not as good
I can't offer comparisons you ask for but I have spent the past three months with my Wadia 121 and it just keeps getting better sounding as it continues to break in. I think it has about 200 hours on it now so I believe it is fully broken in. It is a very musical and smooth sounding DAC with great resolution without fatigue. I am always curious about other DACs but for now I'll stick with this one. It is very affordable and feature rich.
I had a W4S Dac 2 until moving up to PS Audio PWD Mk II. W4S DAC 2 can be found used within your budget and it is a very fine, versatile performer that does nothing wtrong and many things right. Easy to live with. Don't know the others. You won't go wrong with the W4S Dac 2.

TeddyDac made in your country is an excellent choice. I bought one a few months ago as possible replacement for my Rega Dac thinking it could be returned if didn't sound better. Well, fresh out of the box it sounded more real on many levels. After a few weeks, any trace of "digital" sound was gone and my system never sounded better! Switching back to the Rega, for the first time I could hear what others called a "darkness" in presentation. The Rega is a great Dac but the TeddyDac is in a different league, IMO and in my system (W4S modified Sonos>TeddyDac>Naim XS>TeddyCap>Totem Rainmakers). The Rega was sold a few weeks later!