Compare Audio Note UK Sogon to Kondo KSL-LP

I know there are few peole who can answer this, so anyone reading this if you can refer me to a knowlegeable source for the intricate details of the silver strands used in these cables, I would greatly appreciate it.
Anyone with experience and opionions of either cable is appreciated as well.
I have heard that Kondo used to use age annealled silver wire.I have also heard that Kondo may no longer be able to oversee things the way he used to. Thank you, Chris
I will try to answer this for you. I am a fan of Audio Note Japan....not the UK stuff. I am sure that the UK stuff is good but also no match compared to the real Kondo made stuff.

As for cables, I am currently using all Kondo made AN-Vz and have tried the UK cables. The UK cables actually sound great but the Kondo cables just have that last bit of liquidity and musicallity which is missing in the UK cables.

Kondo cables are made of age annealed Italian silver hand drawn at low temperatures and immediately coated with 7 or more coats of lacquer.

Almost all cables today are either heat or chemically annealed to safe time and to increase profit margin.

Hope I answered your questions.
The Kondo Kl Lp is compared to the sogon cable like a range rover compared to a hyundai jeep.There is no doubt Kls Lp is in every way beter!