Compare and contrast HCA1500A-4004Mk2-4BST

Looking to get the story on these three choices used. Thank you for your ear.
HCA 1500a is great amp for hometheater, music isn't bad either.
I am looking to use one of these models for music listening. I see several on hte used market. What is the best bet?
Thank you
I'm partial to the Bryston myself. It's hard to beat the
build quality and reliability of the Bryston amplifiers. 20
year warranty!! I upgraded from 4B to 7BST's, and I'm ecstatic about them. I'm kind of biased, but I'd go for the
Bryston 4BST. Besides, in the unlikely event that you don't
like the 4BST, you'll be able to sell it easily. Although I
haven't heard the other two amplifiers, from what I've heard, the Aragon would be a close second, and the Parasound
a distant third. Hope you find what you're looking for.
I think the HCA is clearly in a lower class. I am also partial to the Bryston. Musical Fidelity also just came out with a high power wonderful amp (the A300cr power amp) which would also be worth a listen in new equipment. But for used you can't beat the 20 year transferable Bryston waranty and the 4B-ST sounds great as well.