compare and contrast

I am the new owner of a Musical fidelity A3cr Amp/Preamp. Now I want to upgrade my speakers/ I heard them with Audio Physic Tempos which i liked alot. Prior to this purchase i was leading toward B&W Nautilus 804's. Do you think either or neither of these would be a good match?
I found N804s to be pretty lean...especially compared to N803. either coheres well in the nearfield, though, so be careful to match to your room/listening geometry. I suspect you'll be happier with the Tempos. What about the REVEL F30? Great speaker for $3k. Good luck.
Ditto, Subaru above. Revel sounds like a good alternative -- but don't know the F30. Small Avalons are nice, too.
I have the A3cr pre and amp and use it with Magnepans and am very happy. I have also heard these amps sounding great with Thiels.