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Topic: McCormack DNA 225 or Conrad Johnson MF-2500: Which one and why?

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Since CJ now owns McCormack, they will be happy either way!!
That specific CJ model has very limited power bandwidth. This means reduced speed with a lack of leading edge information. I would suspect that it is somewhat veiled sounding with a lack of high frequency "air", resolution and transient "snap". If you like a slightly "soft" or "rounded" top end ( ala many tubed units ), it might work well for you. The McCormack is a far more advanced design and should sound markedly better. Which one you would like better would obviously be a matter of personal taste and system synergy. As Sugar stated, if you buy either of them new, the "parent company" will be happy : ) Sean
While they both offer a rather liquid sound for solid state, they are different. The c-j being rounder, more laid back and can be current limited (lower impedances can make the bass a bit loose),the McCormack can be crisper (yet liquid),much tighter in the bass, and if not matched properly a bit forward and shouty. YMMV.
If you could tell us what kind of speakers you own or are considering that will help tremendously. The choice of amps, and any recommendation I make is usually dependant on the load the speaker presents, and the overall voicing of, and tonal balance of the speaker. The comments of both respondants are accurate in general terms, but that can really change with the load etc, which the speaker presents.
Plus speakers, as an electro/mechanical device have the strongest personality, and usually make the biggest difference in the results you get.
Let us know.
who owns mccormack???
i thought that mccormack owns...
Marakanetz, c-j bought McCormack. McCormack is run independantly from c-j, though I believe McCormack stopped offering balanced connections shortly after being aquired by c-j (who never offered anything balanced).