Comparative help...

Hello all.
Has anyone had the opportunity to compare the 'Joseph Audio Perspectives' with the following speakers.

Revel Ultima Studio 2
Canton Reference 3.2 DC
Thiel CS 3.7
Marten Django XL

They all fall into the same price range and I am looking for some 'perspective'...if you will.

Any reply's would be most appreciated.


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I have heard both the Thiels and the Josesphs, but in completely different systems. For what its worth, I much prefered the Josephs. However, I heard the Josephs in a far better system than the Thiels.
Not my business to try to talk you out of this -- but I would try a used pair of Raidho C1.1 monitors -- if I were you. Much better sonic value for your money. IMO.
Resurrecting this thread - would love to hear comparisons.