Comparable products to the Velodyne SMS-1

I am running a HGS-18 and wanting to maybe add another. I think an EQ system would be a wise investment since I already know I have room response issues. Are there other systems like the SMS-1 out there yet?
Nope. There are other systems but each is somewhat different. Take a look at:
Anti-Mode 8033
SVS Subwoofer Equalizer AS-EQ1
Audyssey Sub Equalizer
Thanks. The 8033 is out. Not enough functionality for me. Would be nice if they at least had a PC connection to visually inspect and correct manually is desired.
Well, none of these will allow manual adjustments. They only correct. ;-)

Did I misunderstand the SMS? I thought you could use the auto correct as well as adjust manually if you like? That is not the case? The screen shots I saw look to have sliders that can be adjusted.
The SMS-1 permits manual adjustments with the remote. AFAIK the PC connection is only to update software.

I apologize. I meant that the other three I listed did not permit manual adjustments. The SMS-1 not only permits manual adjustments but one should ignore its automatic operation as it is severely crippled by comparison.

LOL, by looking, it would seem the audyssey system would be the way to go but a bit pricey I think. Especially since many subs are coming with the technology already in them and I am SURE processors will soon have a dedicated tuning area for subs so the eq systems in the sub will not even be needed. That is mostly why I do not want to wrap too much up in one right now.

After doing some minor testing last night, I do indeed suffer a bit with low SPLs from 23hz on down. needs approx a 10db boost to get flat. I might really like my sub again with the changes.