Comparable product to Logitech Transporter?

I am a complete newbie so please pardon my ignorance. It appears that the Logitech Transporter has been discontinued. I have read nothing but good things about this piece of equipment. The ability to stream audio through a home network coupled with the high-end DACs, all in one device, seems pretty unique. Is there anything else out there like this? What is comparable for the money?

Thank you for your kind responses.
Logitech's own Touch can do the same thing at a much more reasonable cost but does not have as good a DAC as the Transporter. The combination of the Touch along with a great outboard DAC would be a great solution. Othewise I believe the Sonos system is a direct competitor. I have no experience with that system, but users seem to like it.
Original AppleTV with a DAC, and it uses iTunes!!
Another option is streaming through iTunes, from either a PC or a Mac, to an Airport Express, then connecting its optical output to an external DAC.
I guess the new Apple TV would work as well, plus you can control it with an iPhone or iPad. Apple website says it supports "Apple Lossless, AIFF, and WAV" but not FLAC. I wonder how big a disadvantage that would be.
The Touch will use any music stored in your iTunes directory and will do more, including FLAC. It ain't bad through the analog output but really shines with an external DAC as it will output up to 24/96 as well as dts(!).

Marantz has a new unit coming out soon that streams audio. It works very similar to the Squeezebox and Transporter. MSRP is $800. The device has not been released. But, you can go to the link below and read the product description on the Marantz page.

The New Marantz Unit

I hope other high end mfgs get on the bandwagon and start producing these type of units.
I'd like to limp to this one. I have overloaded HDD on my Lenovo which I want to unload. Will I be albe to push out some gigs out of my PC HDD to squeezebox?