Compar Wilson Watt P 6.1 or Revel Salon

Can someone give there educated opinion on which speaker is better the Wilson Watt P 6.1 or the Revel Salon and why. THanks
I auditioned both for quite a while and found the Wilson Watt Puppy 6s to be much more detailed, with better imagery, transparency and soundstage. I tought the Salons produced deeper bass but was very cold and sterile sounding in comparison to the Watts. This is not to say that the Salons were anything short of phenominal, just not to my tastes as much as the Wilsons.

I also think both do well with an extremely wide variety of electronics. Both companies also provide exceptional service as well as having terrific resale.

Good luck.
i agree with jtinn above. having auditioned both and having lived with the watt/puppy 6s for the last year and 1/2 the 6s are the more refined speaker. some other benefits of the 6s are the adjustability of the top "watt" modules for sitting height and distance and the efficiency of the 6s (92db). this can be an advantage in an analogue system as your gain requirements are reduced and your phono stage doesn't have to work as hard. you will still need some high current amps for either speaker to really sing.
I have heard both speakers at a local dealer in CT, and they where on levinson gear and I liked the revels better I felt that they had a more natural presentation and better bass I didnt find them to be cold or dark. The bottom line is what sound do you like best I think they are both great I think they are the best two speaker manufactures in audio today. I have Martin Logans my futre speakers are the salons or the studios. Iam not sure what equipment your using but again I heard them on Levinson and there is a great synergy between revel and levinson. And the wilsons sounded great too. No matter what you choose you will be happy. Its like picking a Ferrari or a Lamborgini both awesome. Best of luck with your choice one that alot of us are looking forward to making