Company or Solitude?

I was thrilled weeks ago to have my girlfriend, for the first time, sit and listen with me to my system.
She truly enjoyed it and now prompts me to fire it up so we can sit and get lost together.
We have a great time and I love having her there, but I find I don't get truly involved in the "music" unless I'm alone.
Fortunatly I have the best of both worlds.

So how about you?
With or without company, is it better, worse or just different?
Much better with company.

I love people and I love music. That's probably why I could never tolerate headphones. The only time headphones are appealing is to get away from jet engine noise (or similar situation).

Seriously, my Tuesday night sessions with my group leaves most of us laughing out loud by the end of the night. Sure, I have good sound, but the friendship and software is what drives the event.

Do any of you have memories of a VERY special song? Could that memory be associated with a girl you loved?

Last, does that memory linger because the stereo in the car was perfect, or was it the act of sharing :^)?
company and solitude can make for an enjoyable experience.

as a rule i do not go out of my way to demonstrate my stereo system, unless someone makes a request.

the quest to realize my sonic objectives is more important than listening to the result, once it has been achieved.
i am just as happy listening to the radio or my $300 personal stereo as i am listening to an expensive stereo system, since i realize that both do not compare to live music.
Solitude for me! Just don't understand how many people just don't get music...Maybe I am nuts...........
As with most passions, I definitely prefer company if the company is also enthused. It can end up being a different experience - different music chosen, occassional conversation, etc. - but that can be a good thing.

Conversely, I am very happy to just do my own thing if nobody else is interested.
Solitude. For me, listening seriously to music is like floating down an unexplored river. Not knowing what lies beyond the next bend, but thoroughly enjoying the ride. When I sit down to listen I want to hear the songs which create whatever path my mind (subconscious) is open to explore. I never know what songs I'll play ahead of time other than the first one. The subsequent songs are selected to build upon one another, guiding me down an impromptu path. I want to pursue that path without compromise so it takes me wherever my mind wants (or needs) to go. Thus, company would either intervene, interrupting my path, or be bored/confused/bothered with my selections. I don't select more than one or two songs ahead, allowing my mind (emotions) the freedom to dictate the path as I go along. This is also why my system must be engaging and be able to convey emotion well - I need to connect intimately with the music. It can be very rewarding and cathartic for me.
Maybe you were thinking "something else" beside music :).
I like talking to my friends about audio and it makes for lightwieght listening session. When I really want the music to rock my jelly roll soul I have to be alone.
There are times when just turning on the music and letting it flow over me, is all that is wanted or needed. Just to let go and dive into the sound, alone, forgetting everything and everyone else. Escape, sure but a great escape.
Other times with other people it is a nice adjunct or even if it has become a given or taken forgranted by me their ears and reactions revive me to the music and capabilities of my system. Leading me to go further and wakeup even more.
Rockadanny, exactly! My listening sessions can last up to 8 hours, sometimes the path is perfect, sometimes not so. On those night where everything is just right I'm simply blown away. I also generally listen to entire cds and/or albums, very rarely skip over too many songs.
Solitude, without question. My wife refers to me as an Old Poop, as I get annoyed when my time alone in my Man Cave gets interupted by the phone ringing or my wife wanting to chit-chat. I enjoy my job, work hard and deal with customers & co-workers 50 hours a week... but I look forward to my decompression time in my Man Cave... alone.
A mix of both, its great to share and experience new music or great classics with buds but its also nice to pick exactly what I wantwhen I want it and how ever loud I want to listen. I value each in a different way.

Why does the amp platform have Aurio's on one side and cones on top of bricks?
Dude (as they say), you KNOW it is better to listen alone. Why fight it. You know it and I know it. Let's be real about it. My wife loves to sit and listen too, but come on. It scarcely needs elucidating. It is an obvious fact of audiophilia, IMO. When one concentrates one's mind rests with attention in an undistracted state focused on something. An undistracted state?.....
Company is fine for me when in the company of musicians or fellow audiophiles......unspoken rules chatter while music is playing.

That being said, solitude is the most commonly experienced session. My wife, love her dearly, can almost always ruin a mental journey by talking at the absolute worst times about something completely irrelevant.......therefore she is banned from the room when I go to decompress. ; )
Bryhifi: you put it in terms we can all relate to. Bravo.
It depends. If i am just casually listening and reading a magazine or book then I actually like having my kids or wife in the room with me. HOWEVER, if I am listening critically or trying to get lost in the music, I definitely prefer to sit in solitude, in the dark with perhaps a candle or two burning.