Companies that repair/refinish speaker cabinets?

Greeting all,

    Alas, my newly purchased Acoustic Zen Adagios arrived having taken some damage to the finish and cabinet.  I am tasked with finding someone who does these kinds of repairs -for insurance purpose I need a written estimate- but find this is well outside of my knowledge 'wheelhouse'.  Anyone have a lead on these sorts of folks or companies?

Insurance companies usually prefer paying to "repair" an item instead of replacing it. If your adjuster cannot help with this, ask him for a referral to a good "restoration company" (Servpro, Servicemaster, etc). They should be able to help you, even if it means referring you to a local specialist (probably of the type already mentioned in prior posts) that they work with on claims. Restoration companies that service the insurance industry have a lot of experience with different types of damages to most types of personal belongings. Best of luck (those are nice speakers)!
I have shipped and bought many speakers shipped from around the country, and, I have never had an issue with damage (thankfully).
Though all the speakers were shipped in their original boxes.
Sorry to hear of your situation, but, in my opinion, it is an exception.
And, if they were shipped in the original boxes, I would contact Acoustic Zen and let them know of your issues. Perhaps they need to add some additional padding? 
At least it might help future owners.
I would at least call Salk Sound. He may or may not be willing/able to do the refinish work but I bet he could at least point you in a proper direction.
Mission accomplished!

@bryhifi  Your suggestion for Shoenbauer worked out, easy to deal with and, after emailing and calling at least 18 different companies, they actually responded quickly and professionally.  

@ruraltom ,
Glad to hear that they worked for you and mission accomplished. 
Hope the proposal meets your loss evaluation and makes situation fiscally tolerable. Damage to finely finished speakers is always painful to live with.