Companies that repair/refinish speaker cabinets?

Greeting all,

    Alas, my newly purchased Acoustic Zen Adagios arrived having taken some damage to the finish and cabinet.  I am tasked with finding someone who does these kinds of repairs -for insurance purpose I need a written estimate- but find this is well outside of my knowledge 'wheelhouse'.  Anyone have a lead on these sorts of folks or companies?

Any woodworker or cabinet shop. Its all veneer. There's no difference.
Well, definitely not 'any' as I've quickly found out.  If it were going to be super easy, done-by-any-local work, I would not be reaching out here.
Antique restoration company.  They're used to dealing with delicate materials and high quality finishes.
Wondering why you can't just send them back to seller and get a new pair hopefully not damaged?  Or was it a private party sale?
Private party sale... but I'm starting to realize I'm likely getting screwed in most potential scenarios.
I’m sorry to hear that. I hope someone here can provide some information that will help you out. I thought I read that it was the seller’s responsibility to ship the product to you undamaged and that he would need to cover repairs. But again, I am the wrong person to rely on.

Again, I hope someone here will chime in with helpful suggestions.
Any body that does furniture repairs .
I was able to get a local furniture repair company to fix a speaker cabinet that got slightly damaged in transit. I don't know if you have tried that avenue already in your search but if not it might be worth a try
Why not call Acoustic Zen and get their recommendation?
I'm sure they can assist in some fashion. They might know of a refinisher nearby.
I did drop AZ a line, I will try to call soon if no response comes.
It is the sellers responsibility to cover the cost of damage due to shipping!
What area of the country are you in?

West coast company but someone "like this" may get you the finest repair on a well finished speaker.
Thanks on both, I sent them emails.
It should come as no surprise that they arrived damaged as the original boxes are only adequate for one shipment and only then if they are strapped down to a shipping pallet. I know, I was the original owner of a pair for five years. 
Besides the marginal packing, the enclosures are fabricated from inexpensive Chinese chipboard and painted. Your best bet is not a woodworking shop but an automotive body shop. You will need them to fill in the dents and dings with Bondo and then repaint them with automotive spray paint. Don't believe me? Watch and report back. 
Could easily be over £700 per speaker, as I have learned. Can be done cheaper but less well.
Price isn't really the issue, I need a quote for insurance.  I'm not sure I will actually have them refinished but recompense is due for loss of value.

I'm pretty sure Bondo and automotive spray paint isn't the solution for a high gloss, maple burl veneer, but if they'll provide me with a rational quote, I'm not picky...

The people that can properly repair you speaker cabinets are out there.  
My first encounter came when our brand new Ethan Allen dining set arrived with flaws 20 years ago.  EA sent a guy out that was able to touch up the defects and them match the finish on the repair to the rest of each piece.  To this day I cannot identify where the repairs are.  
For repairs that require more work I encountered a local company at work when our offices flooded and we brought this guy in for estimates of repair on the better real wood and veneer furniture.  He could restore most anything wood to its original appearance.   He caught my attention about possibly restoring the cabinets on my low use Dali Helicon 800 speakers in the gorgeous Rosenut piano gloss finish that I purchased on CL as UPS damage write offs a couple of years ago but that’s a story for another day.  I do know he could bring them back to their original appearance.

My suggestion is to talk with Ethan Allen and see if they will share the contact they use for their furniture warranty claims or go through the yellow pages for local quality furniture restorers.  

RuralTom, if you proceed getting them refinished I can highly recommend Southern Transit in Tampa. Leon the owner has refinished for me speaker cabinets, furniture etc.

Transit companies send their damaged goods for him to fix for their customers. I once saw a grandfather clock smashed to pieces. Leon made that clock look brand new! I am not easily impressed as my dad was a “master” carpenter/cabinetmaker. Leon is incredible!
Just  look up Southern Transit in Tampa tell him Dave with State Farm recommended him to you. Also if internals are damaged contact Glenn at The Speaker Exchange also in Tampa. He is also remarkable at repairing/restoring speakers.
best of luck!
I'm pretty sure Bondo and automotive spray paint isn't the solution for a high gloss, maple burl veneer, but if they'll provide me with a rational quote, I'm not picky...
You're probably right, particularly if you don't intend to have the repairs done and just want remuneration. If you have maple burl, I believe that is real veneer. My flame red finish, however, was not veneer at all but just multiple layers of paint, most likely automotive. And regardless of that, deep nicks and dents won't be susceptible to sanding and will need to be filled in. Carpenters use wood filler, autobody guys use automotive filler. It is virtually impossible to fill in patches of veneer without it looking obvious. But again, you have made it clear you won't necessarily get the repairs done which makes me think the damage must be relatively minor. I am sorry this happened to you. When I sold mine, I hired a guy to drive them to the buyer several states away. It was the only thing in his small pick up. Pricey, but one way to insure damage free delivery.  
@dave1980 Thanks,  I will do just that on Monday.

@fsonicsmith Yeah, I broke one of my few 'rules' when I bought these speakers...  never have speakers shipped or ship them.  I've driven many hours to grab speakers over the years and always look to resell at a price that will lure someone into doing the same.

Fortunately, the damage is to the top-rear corner of the speaker.  It doesn't bother me -nor can I see it except upon examination- but I've traded, bought and sold for years, it will be a point of contention price-wise if and when I go to sell.
Insurance companies usually prefer paying to "repair" an item instead of replacing it. If your adjuster cannot help with this, ask him for a referral to a good "restoration company" (Servpro, Servicemaster, etc). They should be able to help you, even if it means referring you to a local specialist (probably of the type already mentioned in prior posts) that they work with on claims. Restoration companies that service the insurance industry have a lot of experience with different types of damages to most types of personal belongings. Best of luck (those are nice speakers)!
I have shipped and bought many speakers shipped from around the country, and, I have never had an issue with damage (thankfully).
Though all the speakers were shipped in their original boxes.
Sorry to hear of your situation, but, in my opinion, it is an exception.
And, if they were shipped in the original boxes, I would contact Acoustic Zen and let them know of your issues. Perhaps they need to add some additional padding? 
At least it might help future owners.
I would at least call Salk Sound. He may or may not be willing/able to do the refinish work but I bet he could at least point you in a proper direction.
Mission accomplished!

@bryhifi  Your suggestion for Shoenbauer worked out, easy to deal with and, after emailing and calling at least 18 different companies, they actually responded quickly and professionally.  

@ruraltom ,
Glad to hear that they worked for you and mission accomplished. 
Hope the proposal meets your loss evaluation and makes situation fiscally tolerable. Damage to finely finished speakers is always painful to live with.