Compact Tower Opinions

Hi folks...I'm in the market for some compact floorstanding speakers...and within my budget, have narrowed it down to Monitor Audio Silver 200 or 300 or possibly Totem Forest or Sky.  I can get good deals on either of those brands. Never owned either brand, and my use is more casual, but I still want something cool. I downsized from golden Ear Triton V's which were great...but want something a little more compact. Currently, I have the Parasound Integrated 200...which I am really liking, but can add outboard amp if needed. Thoughts?
@tfats -

Hope you get to do some auditioning first and find something that’s right for your ears, gear and room.

I’ve owned a pair of Totem Forests since 2007. Could have upgraded (e.g., to Forest Signatures or other) in the years since but chose not to. Been very happy with the Forests. For me they are keepers. Excellent imaging and soundstage. Very impressive bass. They work great with a variety of different amps (SS A, A/B, & D as well as a tube integrated) and always seem to step up reflecting improvements elsewhere in the system. They have a long break in time; think a couple hundred hours. Bass will be mostly MIA until then. Attention to room placement pays dividends (nothing unique there). The metal dome tweeter can be a challenge but power conditioning, amp pairing and cabling solve that. The Signatures, if within budget, are reportedly even better performing than the v1 Forests .

FWIW - I also have higher efficiency Silverline Prelude Pluses which pair very nicely with the low wattage Class A First Watt F7. They are a little taller but even slimmer than the Forests.

Good luck to you.
Thanks for the input...much appreciated. I was thinking that the Forests could be real keepers..if one is willing to work with them.
Yup...they are by no means perfect, but they do make "music"!
One other caveat I meant to include in the earlier post...if you want to peel paint with sound volume, enjoy LOUD rock at live concert levels (100db+?), these probably ain’t gonna be the ones. Don’t get me wrong, they can play loudly just fine, but I don’t think they sound that good when pushed much above, say, mid-90s dB as an average listening volume.
Lol...I'm getting older...and loud stuff isn't tolerated well at my house anyway.