Compact Floor-standing Speaker Recommendations under $4k

Hello All, 

I'm continuing to build up my first HiFi system and am in need of some advice for my next speakers.  My current system is as follows: 

  • Belles Aria Integrated Amp
  • ClearAudio Concept w/ Satisfy Carbon Tonearm
  • Nagaoka MP500 cartridge 
  • Graham Slee Reflex M phono stage
  • B&W 705 stand mount (the original series circa ~2004)

Generally, I'm very happy with my setup, however I do sometimes find it a bit bright   & fatiguing after longer listening sessions.  I believe the speakers may be the cause so I'm looking for recommendations based on my current system. 

I'd like to find a neutral speaker that's non-fatiguing and hopefully a bit more full range.  So I've been considering changing to floor-standing speakers to maybe get a bit more bass.  However, size and space are of concern so would like something reasonably compact.   I listen mainly to jazz, blues, folk and some classic rock.  Really love good vocals so would like a smooth midrange.  

My budget is $4k max (new or used is okay)

I'm early in my search but so far have been looking at Spendor A7's or Proac D20's. 

Unfortunately, where I live I don't have any nearby dealers or places to demo so will have to be purchased without an audition and hopefully have a good result. I know this isn't ideal, but it's unavoidable. 

Appreciate any recommendations...thanks! 


The SEAS Thor loudspeaker is a DIY kit designed by Joe D'Appolito.  What's always your very, VERY best value in a loudspeaker is a properly and professionally engineered design with top-of-the-line components.  Typically these projects will sell for cost of materials, so when you happen to run across someone selling theirs for less, it's an incredible value.

The SEAS Thor uses the same tweeter and similar model drivers to the Joseph Audio Perspective2 ($13k new I think.  Maybe more now).  There are two sets available for crazy low prices right now.  One is a guy in Tuscon, AZ for $750, but you have to arrange shipping.  The other is a guy in Canada who wants $1000.  Either would be a crazy good value.

You can buy the kit of drivers, crossovers and plans from Madisound for $2200, or get these for less than half that and they're already built.

Normally, it's best to demo yourself as speaker choices are highly subjective. So trying to choose a "universally acceptable" brand/model may be difficult.

Relatively safe bets full range floorstanders are GoldenEar Triton, Monitor Audio Silver/Gold/Platinum.  

Thank everyone for all the continued advice! 

Spendor A7's are still near the top of my list and found a pair within my budget through a private listing.  On the other hand also found a dealer demo pair of the Spendor D7.2's a little over budget, but not so far that I might still be able to get wife approval.  Anyone have experience to compare these two directly?  Just because the D7.2 is more expensive I'm not sure it automatically makes it better. 


Also found a ProAc dealer that has a D20R that I can demo in store [granted it's a 4hr drive but still think it's likely worthwhile].  

Finally I came across a brand I previously had no knowledge of....Jean-Marie Reynaud [JMR].  Does any one have experience with their speakers, maybe specifically the Euterpe Jubile?  From their own website they sound like they could be a very good fit, but I'm having trouble finding many reviews or personal experience.  

Thanks again! 


compact floor-standing is kind of an a oxymoron.

Only Boenicke and Totem have those that are worth looking at in the category.