Compact Equipment

Looking for a complete setup (preamp, CD player, DVD player, AV processor and possibly FM tuner) of physically smaller equipment. Cyrus (8.5-inches wide) covers all bases but does not have a US importer. Quad (12.6-inches wide) does not (yet) make DVD players or AV processors. I'm hoping to find units that are 15-inches or less in width. The amp, or amps will be on the floor by the speakers so they can be physically larger than the equipment in the rack. Any suggestions for other manufactures would be appreciated. Thanks.
You might check Parasound. They make or made some "small" equipment.
Meridian on the high end - Teac on the other end.
I thought Bose was on the other end.
47 Labs - A complete Shigaraki system will fit on a 20 by 18 inch tabletop (like mine).
For the CD and preamp Audio Note makes small and very good front ends, for the processor and DVD Meridian as mentioned, for amps it depends on your speakers and room.
Check out the new Linn gear. I think it has all of that in one box! Hold on to your wallet, though.
Thanks guys. I had not thought about Meridian on my own, but I am now looking into that option (502 pre, 504 tuner, 507 CDP and possibly 596 DVD player). A couple $$$$ more than Quad and Cyrus!
Sugden makes a killer series of small components (amp, headphone amp, pre, and cd player)