Compact DAC + Amp


recently moved to NY and need to downsize my HT. Right now I use 3.1 channels and planning to move to 2.1 channels. 

For speakers i am considering Focal 1028 be or kanta 2. 1028 is on sale at $5000 and lowest price I have gotten on Kanta is $8500. 

While most practical option is to get a soundbar (looking at Martin Logan or Golden eat), I considering a second option - a small footprint amp placed on a small wooden floating shelf under the wall mounted TV and feeding speakers through speaker cables run through the wall vertically. I need a small footprint DAC + Amp for that. 

Options so far are
1. Sonos amp - major advantage is it can feed Sonos Sub wirelessly 
2. NAD D3040
3. Peachtree Nova 150
4. Naim Uniti Atom

I heard Naim and liked it. But would like to stay under $2000 ideally. If size wasn’t a constraint, I would have probably considered used H190
Any othee options worth considering?

Seems like a waste to buy great speakers and average electronics....   I have said many times, " Buy once , cry once"   The Naim is the only one on that list I would consider.   It feels like a quality piece and the volume control is slick...You can buy a wireless adapter for your sub,  Rel makes one and so does Velodyne and others.  I use one and it works great.
Thank you. I guess other options would be Sim 240i and Rega Elex R, though their footprint becomes larger. 

Of the discontinued Naim models, what would be a great buy?
Yeah, I'd have to agree with @oddiofyl that this is a bit of a tough ask at that price point and not be a mismatch in quality between speakers and electronics.  Two that might work and are available here now at a bit over your price target are the Devialet 120 and Micromega M100.  They don't really have a small footprints, but they are only about 2" and 1.5" in height, respectively, so they don't take up much space.  I believe one or both could be hung on the wall if that's an option.  Anyway, best of luck. 
You could do what I did:
Buy a couple of McCormack Power Drives and have Steve upgrade them to monoblocks (about 120wpc).
Buy an Ayre Codex DAC
If you can find non working amps, all the better as Steve guts the amp and practically rebuilds it from scratch. Perhaps more money than you wish, but at least you'll have a decent power source.