compact bookshelf speaker for my system

I am looking for a compact bookshelf speakers (main and center channel). For some reasons, I have to find the (bookshelf) speakers fit to my entertainment center (11.8" height).
I prefer to have the speakers to suit the other components.
A/V Receiver: Onkyo TX-NR801
DVD Player: Onkyo CP 701 multi-dvd changer
Subwoofer: Pinnacle Subsonic subwoofer (it was my best choice due to the limit of my size).

I listen more music (70%) than movie (30%). I prefer musical, great imaging, natural, non-fatigue, detailed sound. I am not a loud listener (mostly classical and easy listening).

Given the situation and preferences, I've searched and these speakers in mind:

Epos ELS-3
Monitor Audio Silver S1
Dynaudio 42

I fully understand these three speakers are not in the same price/performance level. I am thinking to get a used/demo one if it is worth to upgrade by putting more money (than buying a new, cheaper Epos ELs-3). Most important factor to find the right one is to get the speakers to best match with the other component for my first HT system. If you receommend any other brand/model (with less than 12" height), it would be great too. My maximum budget would be $700-800 (both bookshelf and center channel). Thank you for your advise in advance.
I recently listened to the Paradigm Mini Monitor, Monitor 3 and Studio 20's and was very impresed by them. Especially the Mini Monitor for the price.
The B&W DM600 series is well regarded and has a number of speakers of various sizes and prices.
I haven't heard the others that you've mentioned but have been considering a similar purchase and will have a tough time making up my mind because there do seem to be quite a few very good speakers to choose from.
Good luck!
if you want a great speaker i would try the B&W 805. Its a great bookshelf with the sound imaging you want.
I would suggest the Source Technologies 1.5WV. They are great sounding monitors with a tweeter attenuator on the back.
I would suggest the Dynaudios along the the Sonus Faber Concertino home monitors. Both are nice sounding mini-monitors. Let your ears be the judge though and listen to them extensively before you buy.. Good Luck!