Compact amplifier/CD player w/o speakers


I am looking for a compact amplifier/CD player combination without speakers, nothing fancy, it is for background music in a large laundry room. I already have a pair of Vienna Acoustic Haydn speakers.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated,

Thanks chaps, very interesting. There are some great integrated amps up to $500. It'll be a difficult choice. A&R A60, Creek 4040 and 4330, NAD 3155, Audiolab 8000, Cyrus II, Naim NAIT 1 and 2 and QUAD 77. Canada is the best supplier but the great majority of Canadians do not use PP, only Interac and won't ship to the US.
Articdeth, my mistake, small library room.

Oh, one more thing. Cambridgeaudiousa is selling refurbished AXA25 for $159 and the CXC v2 CD Transport [last one] for $349 plus other models.