Comp. Silver Audio Hyacinth HT Pro Sil

First of all I used only solid state amp- my Eagle amp, and in the homes of some dealer friend's amps Spectral, Mark Levinson, and Krell. I did not use any tube amp, my power conditioner are Ps audio, Monster Hts 2000, powercable Absolute Power Cable, speaker cable Nordost, Kimber, and Audio Analysis. Cd player Theta, Krell, and Mark Levinson. The speakers were used my Eminent Technology, friend's B$W Nautilus, and Revel.
My finding after 350 hours burning .5m rca interconnect is: Silver Audio Hyacinth is very quit or silent cable, it has neutral mirange, and good detail especially upper frequency, it has also pretty good sound stage and imaging, and ok depth. But as it is pure Silver cable, the harmonic of music is little bit bleach, music is not warm enough, ambiance or bloom is missing little bit. The system sounds hifi, rather than high-end. Upper frequency although detail, it is tinkly sounding. I tried quite a few silver cables(pure silver, home made silver, Alpha Core, Siltech) , but Hyacinth is less bright or grainy sounding than other silver wire. So, my point is if you are using neutral solid state amps, then it is better not to use Silver Audio Hyacinth to play music, but if you use tube amps which have inherent bloom than yes Silver Audio will be good choice, or if you have warm sounding solid state amps Plinius, Jeff Rowland, Aloia, Blue Circle than Silver Audio probably will be good match. After all it is system matching.

Now, Harmonic Technology Pro-SilkwayII has got great reviews from reporter of Stereophile's Michel Framer, Absolute Sound's Dan Sweeny, and others. So, I was intrigued and tried .5 meter rca, my finding is that as it has two pure copper strand and two pure silver strand, the HT sounds best of both world. It has good detail like silver cable, but without high frequency emphasis (not tinkly), nice neutral midrange, good ambiance or bloom, but not as much as Cardas or Jps. The best part it has real 3-dimensional sound with good depth. The only weakness is that HT has less silent or quietness between music than Silver Audio Hyacinth; probably HT is not braided design like Hyacinth. So, I am looking for cable which is like HT, but more silent or quite sounding, more midrange bloom and ambiance, and as much as detail as silver cable (my finding copper is not as detailed), but without its stated problem with solid state amp. Any Suggestions? Please no diy project!!!
Try Bear Labs' Silver Lightning. I use to swear by Silver Audio 4.0, Hyacinth, and Appassionata however I now prefer the Silver Lighting. In my tube and solid state system it's a great improvement in every way. I understand that not everyone will agree because our systems color sound differently.
I have compared HT PS II and SA Hyacinth cables and also slightly preferred HT PS II but I did not notice the SA cable being more "quiet" in my system.

I would try Cable Co and audition the Acoustic Zen silver IC, way out of my price range $900 (have not used one) but probably step up in all respects to PS II, designed by Noel Lee who used to design for HT, this is his improved design. Perhaps other members who have this IC can comment. Link to AZ