communication cable between Levinson amp/pre-amp?

I just bought a Mark Levinson 331 amp and 380 pre-amp and they have ports to hook up a cable between them. I assumed this was a standard CAT6 cable, but the port on the pre-amp marked "master" is not a CAT6 input. Is this a Levinson only cable I need to get from them?
The cable is described in the manuals, which are linked to below. It looks like it is not a standard ethernet cable (e.g., CAT6), but you should be able to buy some inexpensive parts and make it yourself.

Note that the preamp to power amp cable is NOT the same as the source component to preamp cable. Assuming that you are not daisy-chaining multiple power amps, it should be a 6-conductor cable with a 6-pin modular connector at each end, and a 180 degree twist in the middle of the cable.

Hope that helps,
-- Al
You need a RJ-45 modular cable.
After checking a little further, I believe this is exactly what you want (note that various lengths are available):

A 6-pin 6-conductor cable is RJ12, btw, not RJ45.

-- Al
you can buy the needed parts at radio shack and make your own any length quite cheaply. I made one to go from a levinson preamp to my amp. cost is dirt cheap. The crimper costs about $12 dollars if I remember correctly.