Commercial ripping service for classical CDs?

I would like to set up a music server. The hardware part is easy. But less easy is moving data to a hard drive ("ripping") from a collection of CDs, almost all classical. I know I can do that myself using widely available software, but would prefer to avoid the time and trouble.

There are lots of commercial services that do CD ripping at acceptable prices. The problem as I understand it is that tagging classical CDs requires a specialized database of a kind not commonly used by these services, and may be further optimized by effective choices of file structure. Useful tagging of classical CDs must include at least a composer data field, which is not required for the usual pop music. There are lots of sources of info on how to do ripping and tagging of classical music files yourself, but that is NOT what I am looking for. Doing this myself for 1000+ CDs is not my idea of fun. Has anyone found a good way to get classical music ripping and tagging done well by a commercial source?
For anyone interested in converting their most valuable collection to almost any format.
This is a link:
So far this is the best and one of the less expensive places I could find for conversions. Excellent customer service.
Price is about $135 for a 100 CDs, but if you have less then that it is not a problem. More CD you send bigger discount you get. They don't do DVD- Hollywood movies, DVD-Audio or SACD's. They can convert your library to CD R, DVD R, Ipod or Hard drive .
I would sand them an email since they always try to please their customers. And hopefully they can help you out.
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I found a company called Ready to Play- URL

and spent some time on the phone with their contact person. They claim to have plenty of experience ripping and tagging classical CDs. I am going to give them a try.
hire a teenager in your neighborhood. I converted all 1000 of my cds and it does take work