Comments, suggestions please: Scansonic mb 1 vs paradigm sig 2 v3

Hi, I currently have a pair of paradigm studio 20 v5, I like them a lot, for me they are very confortable and joyfull speakers. In the future I will change my speakers, I like the more transparent, real life and lively sound of the paradigm sig 2 v3, but I wonder how will they compare with the scansonic mb 1, would this be better (more real, transparent, natural, neutral, joyfull)?, wich for me are not possible to hear. By the way, my speakers are and will be very close to the wall. Some other to consider: ascend sierra 2, vapor audio stiff breeze, lawrence mandolin.

thanks for tour comments.
I don't think you can go wrong with any of those speakers.  

I had paradigm studio 20's v5 & studio 60's v5, as well as Sig 2 v.3's.  Loved the Sigs!

Those ascend sierra 2's looklike the best deal on speakers for $1500!  Wow!  Those lawerence mandolins look nice as well.  I have spent a few hours listening to vapor audio as well and they're nice also.  The vapors I saw did have imperfections though in the cabinets.

Another pair you might consider is Clearwave Duet 6's here on A'gon.  I was looking at them for myself but went a different direction!

Good luck with your search!  It looks like you're on the right track.
Thanks b limo, i see you own the monitor audio gold 100 with ribbon tweeter, replacing your previous paradigm sig 2 v3, this means to you the ribbon are better than berillyum? Wich one would you consider more natural and gives the dissappear act better?