Comments Sonus Faber Electa Amator's II

I own the Sonus Faber Electra and am wondering if a trade up to the Sonus Faber Electa Amator's II is worth the money (lots) for the sound results. My system includes the BAT VK-D5 CD Player and the Bow Wazoo Integrated amp. I have heard people say these are wonderful and others say they are dry and the first Electra is the best. Last week end, I heard the Vienna Acoustics Beethoven Speaker with the Plinius 8510. They were musical, great on vocals, sound stage okay, etc and I liked them. Several months ago, I heard the Sonus Faber Concerto Grand Pianos. I also liked them but the bass seems limited. I am in no hurry to make a decision. Speaker size is a major concern so they need to be small (like the Beethoven). Since my existing Sonus Faber Electra's have no bass, a full range Speaker is my goal priced up to $5K (if needed, under 4K is preferred). Comments on the Sonus Faber Electa Amator's II and others are requested. There are too many speakers in the market today. What else should I listen to?
All I do know about these is that the original Electa Amator used the amazing Esotar tweeter, while the the EAII uses a cheaper tweeter. Sorry I don't know more.
You already have the better Sonus Farber speaker.If it's more bass you want, you should look at other speaker lines. The II's may have more bass, but lack the sophistication of the I's.
I agree, definitely DON'T get the later version!! Just mate yours to a fantastic subwoofer like the Velodyne HGS series, AND YOU'LL HAVE BETTER AND DEEPER BASS THAT'S EASIER TO DIAL INTO YOUR ROOM THAN A "FULL RANGE" SPEAKER...which the Grand Pianos CERTAINLY ARE NOT, "full" range that is. The only reason to get a bigger speaker is if you have a larger room that needs to be more loudly energized with MIDDLE AND UPPER bass. There are NO "full range" loudspeakers that can achieve the quality of low bass of the best subs, and with enough fiddling, the response can be smoothed dramatically even in an augmented setup. The key is the continuously variable phase control on the sub, and a little experimenting with its placement and which direction you aim it...YOU ALSO NEED SOME ROOM ACOUSTIC TREATMENT.
Sonus Faber Electra Amator II possible the worst buy out there for same money or less you can get following speakers: Audio Physics Virgo (5395),B&W 803N (5000),ProAc 2.5 (4500), B&W 804N (3500),Audio Physics Tempo (3500),B&W 805N (2500) and for final nail in the coffin Magnepan 1.6 (1475) yep they are all better or as good in most departments,as you see there are many options now it depends on rest of your system and your prefrences/taste.Unfortunately SF in US are way overpriced they cost in Europe only 3000$ which is still too much and yes the series 1 is much better. Good luck :-)
I own a pair of Electa Amatour II's and find them to be outstanding...exceptional midrange and enough Bass to satisfy most, while i agree with the the Jman that Sonus Faber has replaced the tweeter in the II's with a less expensive tweeter than in the I's, i must say that the high's are still better than most speakers have to the way i replaced a pair of B&W 801 III's with the Sonus Faber product......mate the Sonus Faber speakers with the right amp and you will acheive a piece of musical nirvana...