Comments requested - Wadia 831 CD Player

Any comments on the new Wadia 831 CD Player?
One more time. Any comments on the new Wadia 831 CD Player?
Repeat: Any comments on the new Wadia 831 CD Player?
The only thing that I know about it is that it was scheduled to be released a year ago and that's the last I heard about it.
Is there some reason that other CD players don't interest you, Hgeifman? E-mail me, and we could discuss it.
Just called my local dealer today, they still don't have the 301 and 861. The 861 was supposed to be in 'good supply by late March' (Wadia rep's own words) and the 301 was supposed to be released in June. I emailed Wadia a couple of times, every time it took them at least 10 days to reply. Sometimes I wonder whether that company is still interested in doing business...... Today's call is probably my last one, as I am 95% sure I'll go for a Sony or Marantz SACD player instead.
I think your dealer is the problem Lee, as even in France / Europe we have 861s in stock. Dont know about the 301 though....
One more time. Any comments on the new Wadia 831 CD Player? I am still waiting for my local Retailer to get one on stock. Thanks..
I've having the same problem getting any info on this player other than the web site. I called the company a couple of times, was blown off, and finally got a phone call returned after being rather terse in my last message. My feeling is there is a lot of interest in this product, and the company is currently overwhelmed and unable to deliver. Hopefully they will staff up to meet demand, but perhaps they are being cautious after almost going under months ago. At any rate, this player looks very promising at its price point. e-mail me if you learn anything and get to listen to it.
I know that Wadia is now in production with the replacement for the 830 called the 301. They are beginning to fill the pipeline of dealers in North America, so most will be getting them soon. The number of units in production is going up every month. That's what I know about it by talking to them directly.
I had listen to this for about 30 minutes at a dealer recently. IMHO it's as dull as ditchwater. Very smooth, warm, detailed sound, but no drive or sparkle. Definitely a "hifi" rather than "musical" player.
Kit, with all due respect how can you say that a single component in a system at a dealers sounded like HI-FI? Unless that component was in your system at your house I think it is very tough and unfair to pass judgment. Just my $.02
I agree with Jimi...sounds like another bash on a product w/out any real evidence to support it. Is anyone getting tired of all the subjective arbitrary opinions regarding gear....same old adjectives, new piece of equipment. Don't misunderstand me, I truely enjoy the threads but when I see responses like Kit's I can't help but feel somewhat angry.
Sorry if my reply made J1a angry, but I'm reporting what I heard. I listened to the 301 in comparison to an Accuphase DP65v (a good jack of all trades player with a broadly neutral character) and Krell 280cd (thrilling with rock but the longer I listened the colder and more relentless it sounded), using the Spectral baby pre/power combo and Living Voice (Avatar, OBX) and Sonus Faber (Guaneri) speakers.
Any additional actual listening comments on the new Wadia 301 CD Player are requested. My Retailer will be bring one to my home to listen in several weeks so please send me your comments. I listened to the 301 at the store but the demo was not useful due to wrong matching equipment (my opinion). Thanks..