Comments requested on Meridian 508.24

Any comments on the Meridian 508.24 CD Player. I own the Meridian 508.20 and am not convinced the 508.24 is that much better for the extra money required. The 508.24 sells for $4K but discounts are possible. My 508.20 is connected to the Rolland Concentra to the ProAc 2.5 speakers.
I believe that you can have the 508.20 upgraded by Meridian to 508.24. If I remember correctly the upgrade cost about $500, why don't you call Meridian in Atlanta and inquire about it.
the 508.24 is a very good player,do not recommend the upgrade,a more musical and smoother player is the resolution audio cd50.
Any upgrades are marginal, and you wont know about it, even if you do it. Save money, you have a great is.
I have a 506.24. The guy who sold it to me, a dealer said that it sounded better than the 508.20 and almost as good as the 508.24. I know I was probably stupid to take this advice, but I didn't want to hear that I should spend 2000.00 more than I was already spending. Recently I had a chance to head to head the 506.24 and the 508.24 at a nearby Hi Fi shop. I was absolutely boweled over by how much better the 508.24 was. I mean it went from sounding like something was wrong to everything is right. I have been happy with my 506.24, but after hearing the diffrence between the two I am very sorry that I didn't get the 508.24. I have heard that the diffrences between the 508.20 and 508.24 are big. I think there is a review of the 508.20 to 508.24 upgrade on in the archives section
As a owner of a 508.24, I was curious about the the article mentioned by another at So I went in search of it. Here is the link, For those who don't want to take the time to go there, they did mention the 508.20 in the test of the 508.24 and they found signifigant diferrences.
Hi. OK, first things first- great choice on the power end- I also own the Jeff Rowland Concentra (its a wicked amp- and I will never, and I mean never, need to upgrade!!)I looked into the Meridian 508.24, and had a chance to A/B it with the CD player I ultimately purchased- the new Sim Audio Eclipse. The Meridian is quite nice, if somewhat 'polite'. But when I heard the Sim Audio Eclipse, the soundstage seemed to raise a level, with larger image. Speakers used were Totem Mani-2's (an excellent fit for the Concentra). Don't get me wrong- the Meridian is a great piece, it comes down to preference at that point. Also, I believe the Sim is more $$ in the U.S.- I'm lucky- 'cause I live in Canada, and the Si is made here, therefore a bit cheaper comparitively to the U.S. See if you can find it where you are. Good luck!! Sutts